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Stock Firefox keyboard controls

Most keyboard aficionados use various keyboard-related addons in their web browsers, such as Vimium. From my observation, one of the most used features of such addons is keyboard-based link selection with so called hints, which usually looks like this (example from Saka Key): To select a link, one would enter the number shown alongside it. Some addons offer also further filtering of these hints through entering text appearing in the link description.

My experience with Firefox Quantum

About three months ago, after many years of using Chromium exclusively, I came back to Mozilla Firefox. Actually I was forced to switch because the hardware acceleration in Chromium was crashing my GPU driver (don’t even ask…) but after a few days I was perfectly happy with this forced change. When I switched to Firefox, it was already much snappier than I remembered from my last time. I was really impressed with what the Firefox Quantum team did but up until this point it was still just a good replacement for Chromium.