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Stock Firefox keyboard controls

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Most keyboard aficionados use various keyboard-related addons in their web browsers, such as Vimium. From my observation, one of the most used features of such addons is keyboard-based link selection with so called hints, which usually looks like this (example from Saka Key):

To select a link, one would enter the number shown alongside it. Some addons offer also further filtering of these hints through entering text appearing in the link description.

While useful, I’ve come to often prefer an alternative available in Mozilla Firefox by default. Apart from the well-known Ctrl+F search, there are two “smaller” search modes available with / and '. The former is basically the same as Ctrl+F with more sparse UI. On the other hand, ' searches only in the links, ignoring all the other text. To click a link found this way one would press Enter. If there are multiple similar links, it’s possible to cycle through the narrowed down links with Tab. It’s very similar to the “secondary” link hints feature I mentioned in the previous paragraph, but built-in.

I highly recommend trying it out as it’s a great but often overlooked feature of Mozilla Firefox.

EDIT: I omitted a very important part of using this link search feature. It can be chained. For example it’s possible first to search for an article name, and then for the phrase “comments” to select the comments link under a specific article.