EINVAL: Valid solutions for invalid problems

Various stuff I use and I’m happy with:


Operating system : GNU/Linux (mostly Ubuntu Server, Debian and Gentoo)

Text editor : GNU Emacs

Window manager : XMonad, EXWM (Emacs X Window Manager)

File manager : dired, ranger, rox

Terminal emulator : urxvt

IRC client : Weechat, Circe via Weechat Relay

Web browser : Mozilla Firefox, surf + tabbed

Email : notmuch

Lockscreen : slock

Slideshows : sent, Reveal.JS, Beamer

Calendar : TrayCalendar

Calculator : Emacs Calc

Version control system : Git, RCS

Backups : Borg

Data analysis : R

Multimedia : MPD+ncmpcpp, beets, mpv