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Amazing Crap

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…or should I say “Amazon Crap” as I’d like to talk about Amazon Fire HD 8. I have been using this tablet for about a year now and at this point I can say it is absolutely crap …and I love it! First of all, I’m not a tablet person and I never planned to use my tablet a lot. I was looking for a cheapish device between a laptop and a smartphone.

My experience with Firefox Quantum

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About three months ago, after many years of using Chromium exclusively, I came back to Mozilla Firefox. Actually I was forced to switch because the hardware acceleration in Chromium was crashing my GPU driver (don’t even ask…) but after a few days I was perfectly happy with this forced change. When I switched to Firefox, it was already much snappier than I remembered from my last time. I was really impressed with what the Firefox Quantum team did but up until this point it was still just a good replacement for Chromium.