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  1. One year with Notmuch

    Email… One of the last bastions of non-proprietary communication with the freedom to choose both service providers and clients alike. Some call it archaic but none can avoid using it to some degree. For years I struggled to find an email client I actually liked. I tried …

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  2. less can do even more

    After writing my last post I took my own advice and reread the less(1) manpage. Surprisingly I found some new really handy tricks that were very helpful not even an hour later!

    First of all, the pair matching. If the topmost displayed line (that’s the important part!) contains …

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  3. less can do more

    less is probably one of the most used programs in the UNIX world. It’s so ubiquitous we usually barely notice it. For clarity, I mean this less, not this one. Despite its ubiquity, very few people actually take time to learn its less obvious but still very useful features …

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  4. Secondary login credentials

    Sometimes I need to access my files on my servers using SSH/SCP from an untrusted device and/or application. Usually I would create a new SSH key pair so that I can easily revoke these credentials later if such need arises. But what if the used application doesn’t …

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